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Plantique Garden Center is located at

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Our Pledge To You.

Plantique Garden Center and Outdoor Expressions Landscaping were both created and formulated with one basic, straight forward philosophy in mind. Provide a solid, earth friendly product and service with a honest approach and affordable price, coupled with sufficient information thereby allowing the customer the ability to make an educated and thorough purchase decision. When your plants are successful we all win!

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So.. Lets face it, practically anyone can dig a hole and submerge a plant in the ground. Its truly not rocket science. The hard part comes the ensuing years when you gaze out into your yard, scratch your head and say…”Geez, I wonder whatever became to that beautiful shrub(or perennial ) I planted last year”. You stroll out and dig around in the area where you are convinced you planted it…and then it hits you, “Holy Guacamole…I paid $50.00 for that plant and its toast….ARG!” How many springs has this happened to you? Granted $50 isn’t the end of the world and it probably wont break the bank, but if this same scenario happens spring after spring it can get a bit spendy and very frustrating as well.  The question to is simple…When you bought that plant(regardless of price)did you feel completely confident and informed about all factors relative to its proper care?  Statistically 7 out of every 10 novice home gardeners answered NO when presented with this very question. That’s why at Plantique not only do we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive and easy to follow step by step planting essentials but we back that promise with a ONE year, no questions asked guarantee. If within one year from the date of purchase you experience a shrub, perennial or tree mortality…grab the tag that accompanied the plant, and what’s ever left of the plant, bring them in and BOOM you get a replacement of equal value. Plus, if you prefer Plantique will arrange to have one of our certified landscape specialists do it for you FREE OF COST*.  That’s a guarantee we can both feel good about.

Over 90% of all plant products, including annuals, perennials, shrubs and tree’s sold at Plantique are grown within 50 miles of our store. We have a strong belief in doing business with local growers. You may be asking…”How does this benefit me”?  First and foremost perennials, shrubs and trees that are started and nurtured in our specific climatic zone are genetically grown to cope with our harsh cold winters and often very hot and humid summers. Most if not all of the growers we purchase from will stake their very reputations on their plants abilities to live a long and lustrous life in our often topsy turvy environment. Therefore you can put your trust as we do in these growers to provide only the finest crops which are specially engineered to grow happily in your yard for years to come.



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